Most of us go through life with low expectations, not really aware that anyone cares about our plight. So if we’re fortunate to encounter a selfless person along the way, it makes the experience that much sweeter.

Three years ago, a woman found herself in a tough spot. Her niece and nephew had recently been removed from their home and as their aunt, she decided to take them in. When they arrived, they had only the clothes on their back.

‘Yes, I’ll take them,’ the woman said. Immediately wondering, ‘Where will they sleep? How long will they be here? Can I handle this?”

She put a call out to her bible study group and they generously donated money, diapers, clothes, toys and other necessities. However, it soon became evident that things at home weren’t going to go as smoothly as she thought.

In addition to caring for her niece and nephew, the woman also had a 6-month-old child of her own. At the time her nephew who was under two-years-old was afraid to fall asleep. Exhausted, she began to consider the possibility of having them placed with a foster family.

“I called their case worker. I asked her to find them a placement. My voice was shaking. I felt like I was failing them. At the same time, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to trust him.” she said.

The case worker placed them with a loving family who agreed to let their aunt seem them regularly. As time went by, the visits became more frequent. “Sleep overs. Trips to the zoo. It was wonderful,” she recalls. “But the truth was haunting us. Their incredible foster family wasn’t able to adopt them. Their kids were grown, and they didn’t think adopting a 3 and 7-year-old in their 50’s was feasible.”

Then one day, everything changed after a routine trip to the park. “While they were at the park, a woman asked my niece and nephew’s foster mom to hold her baby while she used the restroom. That lady happened to mention she had just finished classes to foster to adopt. They exchanged numbers. Later that day, my nephew got ahold of his foster mom’s phone and accidentally dialed the lady from the park. This accidental call got the two talking and they eventually arranged to get together again.”

The lady at the park didn’t need any more time to think about adopting the kids. She already had two sons and knew they would all get along great.

“That lady from the park is now my niece and nephew’s MOM!” said the woman. “She grew up in foster care and knew exactly what it was like to grow up without biological family. God knew SHE was exactly the mom they needed. He put them at the park that day! It was his plan!”

But that’s not all this family was blessed with. The woman also explained that the kids’ original foster mom is now their grandmother.

“She does everything a grandma would do for their own family. Christmas and Easter dinner, trips, even takes all 4 kids for days at a time so the parents can have a break. God knew their family needed a grandma.

God didn’t just give my niece and nephew parents who love them. He gave them 2 brothers. He gave them new grandparents. He gave them exactly what they needed. God still performs miracle today! I know because this story can’t be explained as anything but.

“There were no accidents involved in the making of this beautiful family! The whole story is a complete miracle from start to finish. Today I’m so thankful and happy for their family of 6! I’m grateful to be apart of the story and to continue to be their Aunt!”