I can remember begging my parents for a puppy for years. My siblings and I pleaded and bargained. Of course we will pick up after him! Yes, we will take him on walks! You can count on us to make sure he gets his dinner on time!

Eventually, our parents relented and we got to go pick out our sweet, cuddly new pooch. Bringing him home brought us so much joy and we loved playing with him, teaching him new tricks, and taking care of him.

I still remember the excitement of going to pick out our sweet pup, but I wonder what our reactions would have been if our parents had brought him home and surprised us. Probably something like the siblings in this video!

The kids had been begging for a puppy for about five years. In fact, the older two had even put together a PowerPoint presentation for their parents outlining all the reasons getting a dog was a good idea.

“Every Christmas and birthday, they would ask for a dog; but they had pretty much given up… thinking it would never happen,” their parents said.

Little did the kids know they had finally won their parents over! Just before Christmas, they brought home a box all wrapped up in pretty paper and told the kids to open it.

Just wait until you see their reactions!

This poor puppy was probably confused and a little frightened by all the screaming and crying, but once everybody calmed down he knew he was right where he was supposed to be.

It’s clear these kids love their new dog so much and will take good care of him! We’re so glad they finally got their very own furry sibling to call their own!

Would you be as excited as these kids if someone surprised you with a new dog? So share this!