Macey Wright has had things much more difficult than most kids her age. She was born with a congenital heart defect and has been through multiple open heart procedures during her short life. When she was 14 years old, she began showing signs of heart failure.

There was nothing she could do but wait for the transplant she so desperately needed, but the wait was difficult, not only for her, but for the rest of her family.

“She had high pressures in her lungs and they need to be low enough to receive a transplant,” Macey’s mom, Patrice said. “If [a heart] didn’t come soon, she would have to have a heart and lung transplant.”

Finally, Patrice received the call they had been waiting so anxiously for. Though it wasn’t for sure, the hospital had a heart that they believed could be the one for Macey.

Patrice knew that the moment she told Macey would be one they would want to remember forever, so she turned on her camera before she broke the exciting news.

The moment was an incredibly emotional one for both mother and daughter – Macey immediately broke down in tears, and it wasn’t long before Patrice did too.

It was a moment they had been hoping and praying for for so long, it was hard to believe it had actually come!


“I wanted everybody else to see how amazing that call was for our friends and family,” Patrice said. “She’s a pretty tender, sweet-hearted girl. I did think she’d cry tears of joy, but I didn’t think she’d be that elated.”

Thankfully the hospital was able to confirm the heart for Macey and she underwent surgery that same day.

While her recovery will take a while, the optimistic young teen is awake and smiling and getting stronger every day. She even got to listen to her new heartbeat!


Macey has been documenting her transplant journey on YouTube and hopes to become an advocate for organ donation.

Said Patrice, “She feels like it’ll save a future life down the road and she wants to be a part of that.”

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