Cats are crazy, but cute. No doubt about it! Kittens, especially, can curl themselves up and fit in the tiniest of places. Even the bigger felines love crowding into small spaces.

Cats’ independent streak makes them prone to getting into trouble. One family from Middletown, Connecticut, discovered this when their four-month-old kitten, Cookie, got herself into a jam.

The little kitten was growing and still exploring her environment. One day, while in the garage, Cookie got the idea that she was going to attempt to fit herself into the center of a tire.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for little Cookie. She got stuck.

Thankfully, the folks at Middletown’s Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center where there to save the day!

They wrote about Cookie on their Facebook page:

“Never a dull day at Pieper! Meet little Cookie, a four-month-old kitten who was playing in the garage and decided to stick her head through a tire!

“After trying everything they could to get her out, her family brought Cookie in to see us. Our team in the emergency room was able to quickly get her free from the tire rim, and now she’s resting from her exciting day.

“She’s going to be just fine.”

Whew! Cookie’s adventure sure tired her out. But I’m sure she’ll be back causing mischief soon.

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