When mom A. Franklin took her 16-month-old daughter to the eye daughter so she could get treated for a lazy eye, she couldn’t believe what the doctor told her. Not only did she have a “lazy eye,” but the lazy eye was actually caused by her daughter’s high far-sightedness.

While most children are far-sighted early in life, they are usually a 1 or 2, but this little girl was an 8! Her mom couldn’t believe it.

The doctor fitted her for glasses so she would be able to see, and her reaction when she first put them on left her mom in tears.



“I could not believe how bad her vision was,” her mom said. “Her first words are ‘Thank you’ and ‘Wow’ when having them put on. Brought tears to my eyes knowing that she will be able to see better.”

Sometimes we take what we have – like the ability to see – for granted. What a special moment for this sweet little girl as she realized there was a whole new world now open to her!

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