Any mom will tell you that when it gets close to the time to give birth, all you want is for that baby to come out of you! The last month of pregnancy can feel longer than all the other months combined!

This mom definitely knows what we’re talking about. She’s pregnant with twins and four days past her due date, and she’s ready to do just about anything to get those babies to come out!

There are all kinds of tips out there on ways to induce labor naturally, and this mom decided to try one of them – dancing. She and her husband set up a camera in their living room and go for it!

“Wes and Isaac, you’re four days overdue,” she says. “You brought this on yourself.”

Then she and her husband start dancing to the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started,” a playful message to her little boys to get her labor started.

“Boys, your mama’s crazy,” her husband says as he flaps his arms behind her in a bandana and eye patch.

It looks like these boys are going to have some pretty fun parents raising them!

While the dancing didn’t induce her labor immediately, she did go into labor two days later and had a “natural, unmedicated hospital birth (with the support of our amazing midwives).”

Congratulations to these two new – and hilarious – parents! We’re glad they shared a little bit of their “crazy” with the world!

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