I am often surprised when I see special connections between humans and animals. I think that in my day-to-day life I don’t think about it much, so I don’t notice it. But I’d bet that if we looked for those connection more often we would see them a lot more.

This soon-to-be mom got to experience this connection firsthand on a recent visit to the zoo.

The woman was standing in front of an ape exhibit when a large orangutan came over, curious. The woman lifted up her shirt so the orangutan could see her pregnant belly, and that’s when the real magic happened.

Even through the glass, it was clear that this large ape knew what was going on, and he felt a real emotional connection with the woman and the child growing inside her.

As the woman stood there the orangutan reached out, as if to caress her stomach, and then he tried to kiss her swollen belly and press his forehead to it.

Thankfully her husband was able to capture the sweet moment on camera so they can cherish the special memory forever.


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