When this bystander saw a tourist approaching a man on the streets of Antigua, Guatemala, she noticed something unusual about their interaction, so she grabbed her camera. What she managed to capture has since gone viral, being viewed thousands of times.

The video shows the foreigner approach the man, who appears to be a beggar, and with no fanfare remove his shoes and hand them over. Then, after patting the man on the shoulder, he walks away barefoot, unaware that anyone was even paying attention to his act of kindness.

It is unclear who this Good Samaritan is and what prompted his generous act, but the moment has touched many viewers’ hearts.

“What a heart he has,” wrote the person who filmed the exchange, and many agree.

“What a beautiful gesture, wrote one commenter. “My respect to this foreigner.”

If only more people would act as this man did, the world would be a much better place!

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