Children love going to visit Santa. For most kids, their first visit to Santa is after they’re old enough to enjoy Santa, or more usually, be terrified of Santa. But one special Santa and a few very special babies had an amazing experience this week when Santa visited the Overlake Medical Center and Clinics Natal Intensive Care Unit at Bellevue hospital.

Watch this touching video, captioned by KOMO news with this message.

At Overlake Medical Center & Clinics in Bellevue, a handful of newborn babies in the NICU had a special visitor swing by ? Most of the babies will be spending their first Christmas in the NICU. 

Most of the babies will be spending their first Christmas in the hospital as they are too vulnerable to come home.

Readers were touched by this beautiful video. Here is what some of them said.

RaeJean Cohn I was a NICU baby at Tacoma General and at first my family wasn’t sure if I would come home. The nurses took the time to make my mom a little photo album of me during my stay and I cherish it to this day. I love seeing other hospitals taking the time to create special memories during a stressful time.

Kate Smith Dines Ah I love it! Keeps getting better every year! Thank you @Overlakenicu for making our boys’ first Christmas special even though one wasn’t home yet. And thanks Komo for highlighting this!

Krista Boyle This is so sweet! Our son was a NICU baby and we know how overwhelming and stressful it can be. It’s nice to see a little bit of joy brought to the families. 

Santa himself looked a little emotional.

These parents will cherish this memory, and we hope the babies recover and are able to enjoy this video every Christmas in years to come.

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