Miron Bococi is a Romanian horse trainer who lives and works in Spain. He has earned himself the title of “horse whisperer,” and when you see his work you’ll know exactly why.

Miron has a special way with animals and can get them to do some incredible things. Watching him work with these majestic horses as they show off their skills is almost magical!

It’s clear, too, when you watch him work, that the horses he is working with are having just as much fun as he is, and that’s just the way he wants it.

“When I am in a show, I’m having fun, so my horse should have fun with me,” he said.

Miron has dedicated his life to working with horses because it’s his passion, and he feels that “in life it is better to do what you like.”

Once you see this video you’ll know Miron is doing exactly what he was meant to do!


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