Anyone who has ever been to the Doo-Dah Diner in Wichita, Kansas, knows Brian Maixner. The cheerful waiter meets every customer with a big grin and has a special way of making everyone who comes into the diner feel special.

Brian has suffered from painful dental issues his entire life. It all started with a chipped tooth and spread from there, but he was never able to afford to get his teeth fixed. This led to a mouth full of crooked teeth and a lot of insecurities, but he never let that keep him from smiling.

One day attorney Fred Boettcher was having lunch with his daughter at the diner when he noticed Brian. He was so impressed with the waiter’s kindness and enthusiasm.

“I looked at this guy and I thought, ‘Man, this guy’s something special,'” Fred said later.

After Brian had taken their order Fred got up from the table and approached him at the hostess stand. He told Brian that he wanted to pay to have all of his dental work taken care of – work that would cost around $25,000!

Brian was speechless. Fred’s generous gift brought him to tears, and he gratefully accepted the kind offer.

Click below to see what Brian’s cheerful grin looks like now!

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