We’ve all heard about rude signs hung in restaurants windows lately, but this time, we have a story about one restaurant sign in Greenville, South Carolina that will make you smile.

The Pizza Inn in Greenville recently had an incident with an unhappy customer one Sunday. The customer complained after he asked an employee with autism to fill up an empty salad bowl. The employee was trained to do a specific job, and didn’t respond as the customer expected. The manager tried to explain:

“That’s not his job. We’ve trained him to do this and there are special circumstances.”

The customer was still unhappy and suggested that the restaurant put a sign in the window to make customers aware of special needs employees. That suggestion didn’t sit well with the owner, Amanda Cartagine. She is aware that just because someone has special needs, it doesn’t mean they won’t be excellent employees. In fact, 63 percent of her kitchen staff have special needs. Shes says they have an incredible work ethic, and almost always come to work with a smile.

Cartagine was upset to hear about the customer’s suggestion at first, but then she decided she would do just as he requested and hang a sign after all.

The sign reads:

“We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and hire all of God’s children.”

Sign in the window at Pizza Inn

Sign in the window at Pizza Inn

Although it’s not the sign the customer expected, this owner stands by her employees, who she protects as she would her own kids. She got her point across without being rude.

“If he is not OK with that, then I’m OK with him not coming back,” said Cartagine. “That’s a dollar that I don’t need.”

Cartagine knows that sometimes her employees require patience, but they reward that with hard work, loyalty, and a positive and productive work atmosphere.

“If you have the patience to let them take their time and learn at their pace, when the light bulb comes on, they are unstoppable,” she said.

Of course, this restaurant owner is 100 percent correct: We are all God’s children. Some of us just might need to stop and read the sign.

“Some of us have different color hair. Some of us have tattoos. Some of us have different walks, different personalities, but as a unit, we’re family,” explained Amanda Cartagine.

Thank you to this compassionate and wise boss in South Carolina. You’re doing it right, and we’re sure your employees and community appreciate your good example today.

See the video below from WYFF News 4:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube