Krystle Woodward has always had a big love of animals and it breaks her heart to see one homeless or in distress. That is why she started Pinky Paws ResQ – so she could help animals in need.

Pinky Paws is a small operation right now, but Krystle is doing everything she can to help as many animals as she can. That’s why, when she heard about a dog that had been roaming around her area scrounging for scraps, she put out a call for help.

More than 50 people saw her post and started calling her with sightings of the dog. All of them seemed to be within about a two-mile area.

Finally, Krystle was able to track the dog down and catch her. But soon after, the dog, whom Krystle named Betty Boop, escaped.

The next day Krystle and her husband set out again. This time they were able to capture Betty Boop and take her to the vet, and what they learned broke their hearts.

The vet told them Betty Boop has suffered a lot of trauma and was fighting off some infections, and then he told them something that left them stunned. Betty Boop was nursing puppies!

Suddenly her escapes and all her scavenging made sense!

The next day Krystle drove Betty Boop out to where the dog had been seen wandering and played her the sound of puppies crying, hoping that would motivate Betty Boop to go to her puppies.

“She cried and started leading me 2 miles out into the country then as she got closer she slowed down,” Krystle recalled. “She took me down the vineyards to an abandoned farmhouse.”

As they entered the farmhouse Krystle could hear a strange noise coming from within. Click below to see what happened next!

Hidden beneath the floorboards were 10 puppies!

Betty Boop had been traveling at least four miles every day to scavenge for her puppies, returning each night to feed them.

Thankfully she understood that Krystle was there to help her and trusted her enough to lead her to her puppies.

“She trusted me to show me where her 10 puppies were found,” Krystle said. “This is truly a miracle to me.”

While Betty Boop still needs a lot of rest and medical attention, she can rest easy knowing that all 10 of her puppies are safe and by her side.

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