When Mama the dog and her puppy were brought to New York City’s North Shore Animal League America shelter, the little black dog was very timid and hated to go outside. Thankfully, they allowed her to keep her puppy by her side, which seemed to help calm her, but it was obvious she had been through some trauma.

When they did a routine X-ray on her after her arrival, the reason for her fearfulness became shockingly clear. The images revealed that, in addition to being infected with various heart worms, the tiny dog’s body was riddled with bird shot.

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could be so cruel as to abuse a helpless, innocent dog. No creature deserves to be abused like that.

Thankfully, Mama had come to the right place. The people at the shelter showed her lots of love and understanding as she learned to trust again.

As Mama began to heal both physically and emotionally, her sweet and fun-loving personality began to shine through. Gone was the dog that cowered at being touched. Mama now loves to make new friends and is even happy to go outside and play!

We’re so glad Mama was finally shown the love and care she deserves. Not only has her personality done a 180 – her whole life has too! Now she will be loved and cared for by a wonderful forever family who will treat her with love and respect – the way everyone should be treated.

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