I will never understand people who abuse animals. How could a human being look at a helpless creature and treat it with so much hate and abuse?

Thankfully there are people who have dedicated their lives to rescuing these animals. The process of rehabilitation is not an easy one, but these people have the patience and love it takes to help these animals trust again.

The beginning of this video is hard to watch. It is obvious that this puppy has encountered quite a bit of abuse in his short life. As the caretaker tries to pet the dog he cowers in the corner and lets out a heartbreaking noise. Who knows what kind of physical and emotional abuse he has endured.

The woman carries on, though, gently reassuring the dog that she will not harm him and will only show him love.

You can see a slight transformation even in those first few moments. Even though the dog is still scared, he is willing to trust that this person might not be like the others he has known in his life.

Thankfully the animal rescuers were able to help this sweet dog heal. His transformation is absolutely incredible, and is a testament to the power of love.

Click below to see his total transformation for yourself!

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