Any parent of a soldier knows it’s not an easy job. You are constantly worried about your child’s safety and can’t wait to have them back home with you.

Jodi St. Clair knows this even more than most. Both of her sons are in the Army. Her older son, 22-year-old Jacob, is serving in Korea, while her younger son, 20-year-old Daniel, is in North Carolina.

Even though it’s hard to have both of her sons gone, Jodi is a very proud military mom. She even has stickers on her car that read, “My sons defend our freedom,” and, “Proud parent of a soldier.”

Jodi is used to the attention the stickers attract – both positive and negative – but the other day something happened that left her completely stunned.

She had just finished up her shift at the hair salon where she works when she walked out to her car and noticed a piece of paper tucked under the windshield wiper. She assumed it was an ad, but when she got closer she realized there was a $20 bill tucked inside.

She grabbed the note and began to read, and what it said left her in tears.

Dear “Proud Parent:”

Please either send this $20 to your Army Soldier for a meal. If he/she is in the Middle East, either use it to buy a care or comfort kit, or save it for his/her return.

I pray for our military around the world every night, especially those serving in dangerous areas or in one of our wars.



“I had to read it twice, and of course I started crying,” Jodi said. “Just, you know, that somebody took a moment out of their day to share some comfort, it was pretty amazing.”

While it doesn’t get any easier having her sons gone, small acts of kindness like this one help her get through the tough times.

Now she’s on a mission to find the kind woman who left the note so she can thank her in person. It may have seemed like such a small act, but to Jodi it meant the world.

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