Children, especially, look forward to Christmas morning. They’ll wake and notice Santa has dropped by, leaving them presents under the tree. They pester their parents to get up so they can hurry up and open them.

Blurry-eyed, the adults convene in the room with the tree and gifts. Caffeine in hand, they hand out presents. Then, the happy insanity begins. Smiles and yells burst forth from elated children as they tear open the boxes to reveal their toys.

But what if your children were Prince George and Princess Charlotte? These two kids are the youngest royals and already have hundreds of thousands of adoring fans the world over. These sweet and well-meaning folks send packages with toys and gifts for the little ones. 

Imagine having Christmas every day and letting your kids unwrap all the gifts with their names on them. They would grow spoiled, and that’s just what Will and Kate don’t want. They’re worried all this love will go to their children’s heads, even at their young ages.

A royal source revealed William and Kate are “extremely careful” because they believe “receiving that many gifts wouldn’t have a good effect on the kids.” Having spoiled children, according to the source, is “their worst nightmare.”

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So what happens to all the care packages the royals receive? They are quietly donated to charities and toy banks so those less fortunate can enjoy them.

So what do the youngest royals get for Christmas? Those in the know guesses Princess Charlotte would most likely get a dollhouse while Prince George would probably get the police car he told both his father and Santa Claus about.

Sounds like good gifts to us!

You might think the royal family members receive lavish and expensive presents over the holidays. Not so. These folks have everything they could ever need. Instead of going for the extravagant, the royals opt for exchanging gag gifts and spending time at Sandringham, the queen’s Berkshire residence. The family attends church, has a lovely lunch, and just spends time together.

Despite their less-than-ordinary lives, the royal family ensures their Christmas holiday is as regular as possible. They realize the best part of Christmas is just being together.

I love that William and Kate wish to give their children as normal an upbringing as possible. With their lives in the public eye, that can’t be easy, but they are determined to raise good and kind citizens of the world.

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