Having a baby in the hospital is always difficult, but it is especially hard over the holidays. These parents thought they would be celebrating at home with their little bundles of joy, but instead their holidays are spent at the hospital.

Despite the difficulties, though, one thing is always true: a new baby is a gift!

Staff and volunteers at St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, along with the March of Dimes, came up with an absolutely adorable way to celebrate the precious gifts the babies in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit truly are.


They “wrapped” the babies up like tiny, precious presents and decorated them with bows and hand-knit caps.


The babies were dressed as Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa gifts, depending on which holiday their families are celebrating.


The March of Dimes and St. Luke’s Hospital said they know the holidays can be difficult for families of premature babies, so they wanted to give them something to celebrate.


“The holidays can be an especially emotional time for families in the NICU,” they said in a press release. “Babies here are usually born premature or sick, and they may spend weeks or months growing healthy enough to go home. So providing these special families with an opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a memorable way allows them a sense of normalcy, and an opportunity to celebrate their babies’ first milestones – even in the hospital.”


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