There is something about Target that really just reels you in! Is it the colors, the sales, or the convenience? Whatever it is, it almost always is the reason you walk into Target for one thing and leave with way more than you expected!

Something similar happened to Georgia resident, Tanya St. Preux. One afternoon she went into Target to buy bras, but in addition to the intimates, she came out with…a BABY! 

The (now) mother of four told Parents that she had been having contractions throughout the day, about an hour apart, but they ceased while she was on her way to the store. Once she got inside and approached the bra section, though, she got an unexpected rush of contractions.

“The thing is, I hadn’t realized I was in actual labor,” she said. Soon enough – 20 minutes to be exact – her baby boy, Maleek, was born!

As unexpected as this birth was, Tanya was very lucky to have been assisted by a labor and delivery nurse who just so happened to be in the middle of doing some shopping herself.

Caris Lockwood of Piedmont Atlanta Hospital and her mother were in search of shoes during their visit to Target. Neither one of them imagined what would actually take place. Lisa Bozeman, Caris’s mother, noticed Tanya and asked if she needed some help, informing her that her daughter was a labor and delivery nurse. “Sure,” Tanya replied.

Initially, Caris and Lisa wanted to get Tanya to the nearest hospital, advising Tanya’s friend to bring the car to the front of the store; but in their attempts to do so, it became evident that baby Maleek had no intention of waiting. As they were outside preparing to get the expectant mother to the hospital, Tanya’s water broke.

“I didn’t know she was going to deliver that fast at first, but then she had a really painful contraction and her water broke. As a labor and delivery nurse, I kind of knew what was about to happen,” Caris explained.

With Caris’ help, Tanya delivered a healthy 7-pound, 10-ounce baby boy!

It just goes to show the power of being in the right place at the right time. The delivery was a success, Tanya and her son are well, and Caris could possibly be the first nurse in her hospital to say she has experience with storefront delivery!

What a beautiful way for a friendship to blossom! Congratulations to the St. Preux family on their wonderful new addition! We hope nothing but the best for the baby and the two families who got to enjoy this wonderful experience together.

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