Chris and Mariesa already had their hands full – the animal-loving couple had eight rescue dogs at home! But when they came across a pregnant dog at their local shelter they knew they couldn’t just leave her.

“Dogs having puppies at shelters, it’s not the best thing for them,” Chris said. “It’s stressful for her, stressful for the puppies.”

They decided they would take the dog, named Storie, home with them so she could have a safe a comfortable place to have her babies.

Before going home Chris and Mariesa took Storie to the vet for an x-ray where they discovered she was pregnant with 12 puppies! It was a big surprise, but one they were prepared to deal with.

They knew Storie was close to giving birth, but they didn’t realize just how close. They set her up on a comfy bed and prepared to wait, but Storie went into labor that very night!

Only 18 hours after bringing Storie home she had delivered all 12 of her puppies!

The protective mother had waited, holding out hope that she would find a safe place to give birth, and those motherly instincts paid off.

Chris and Mariesa were the perfect pair to deal with the 13 new additions to their already large dog family. They took care of the mom and puppies as Storie recovered and her babies grew.

After a couple of months it was time to find the puppies their new homes. Click below to see what happened to these precious pups and their amazing momma!


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