It’s the call every spouse of a police officer fears the most – that their husband or wife has been killed in the line of duty.

In October, Elizabeth Snyder got that devastating call. Her 33-year-old husband, Blake, was gone.

While the pain of her loss has been unbearable, Elizabeth has tried her best to remain strong for their 2-year-old son, Malachi.

“This pain that hasn’t subsided, that hasn’t alleviated, is unbearable and unending,” she wrote in a heartbreaking Facebook post. “But this child here- he has been the hope in my heartache. He is the reason I get up each day. The reason I keep it together as best I can. The reason I push through… He is my peace and my anchor during this devastating storm.”


After Blake was laid to rest on October 13, Elizabeth received something beautiful that she and her son will treasure forever.

Another police wife, who wished to remain anonymous, asked a company called Thea’s Blessing Bears to create two teddy bears for Malachi out of his father’s police uniforms.


Though Malachi may not remember Blake, he will always know the love and comfort of his father when he holds on to one of those bears.

“Malachi is Blake’s legacy and will always know just exactly what his father did for not only him, but also his community,” Elizabeth said.

Moving on will not be easy, but thankfully Malachi and Elizabeth have the support of their family and their St. Louis community to keep them strong.

“What has surprised me the most is just how amazing our community has been,” she said. “They have come out in droves for us and still continue to support us. I had no idea how big my family was, blood and blue. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Elizabeth will always be thankful for the love and support her community has shown her and Malachi.

“Because of you, Malachi will ALWAYS know who his father was,” she wrote. “Blake will never be forgotten, and Malachi will truly know how much the community loves him and cared for him.”

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