When the music’s this good you just can’t stop your toes from tapping!

That’s what musician Grizz Lee Marcus found when he performed a private concert for the residents of the Traces of Tiger Retirement facility in Tiger, Georgia.

Grizz Lee describes himself as “just a country boy making mountain music.” He loves bluegrass and bringing joy to others through his music.

He started playing “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” for the residents when one of the women did something that left him stunned.

“I got a surprise when 85-year-old Dorothy kicked off her loafers and started flatfootin’,” he recalled.


Flatfooting is another name for clogging, a traditional folk dance that has its roots in Appalachia. It’s the perfect kind of dance to do to bluegrass music!

No doubt Dorothy grew up listening to this kind of music and dancing along, and hearing it made her feel young again.

Grizz Lee couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Dorothy get up and start dancing, as light-footed as if she were 18 again!

There really is something special about music and the way it can make people feel and behave. We’re sure this performance is one neither Grizz or Dorothy will ever forget!

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