Rosa’s Pizza Shop in Philadelphia is attracting a lot of attention, not just because of their great pizza, but because of what they are doing to help the homeless in their community.

A slice of pizza at Rosa’s only costs one dollar, and one day a customer came into the shop and asked if it was possible for him to pay an extra dollar for a slice of pizza to be given to a homeless person.

Mason Wartman, the owner of the shop, thought it was a great idea! He hung a Post-it note in the window saying that a slice of pizza had been prepaid for.

The following day a man came in with only 65 cents – not enough to pay for his slice. But Wartman explained to him that there was a slice that had already been payed for and he could have it.

It wasn’t long before word of this simple good deed spread and more customers started contributing to help those in need. Rosa’s has already given away 10,000 slices of free pizza, and that number keeps growing! The pizza shop is completely covered in Post-it notes, and you’re more than welcome to grab one if you’re homeless, or even short on change.

Rosa’s is completely dedicated to this act of compassion and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. It’s a great way to bring the community together, keep the business up and running, and help out those in need.

It just goes to show how one simple idea can make a world of difference!


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