To say Blue King, a beautiful 4-year-old pit bull, was having a bad day is an understatement. His owners were moving and had just surrendered him to a high-kill local shelter.

It was all beginning to sink in very quickly for this sweet creature that his life had just drastically changed and he was being discarded by those who he believed would be his family forever.

A caring shelter worker filmed this video in the hope that someone would see it and want to adopt Blue King.

Whether those are tears of emotional distress streaming down his face or, as some believe, allergies is beside the point – Blue King is obviously sad and confused as you can see by his melancholy demeanor and by listening to him whimper. He even refused a treat offered by the shelter caretaker.

Thankfully, though, this story has a happy ending. After seeing the video on Facebook, Jennifer McKay decided to come meet this sweet boy for herself. It was love at first sight!

Blue King was not overly excited to see Jennifer at first because to him she was a stranger and he was still longing for the family that abandoned him. Even still, Jennifer knew this sweet soul deserved a second chance and decided to take him home with her.

Once removed from the shelter and safe in his new forever home with Jennifer, Blue King’s demeanor changed almost immediately. Jennifer proudly reports that he has some favorite pastimes, including cuddling and staring at himself in the mirror. She is now working with him to teach him how to walk on a leash. Many happy trails and miles await this dynamic duo!

Thanks to Jennifer, Blue King as a new lease on life. No more tears for this big boy as he starts out his new life and many anticipated happy adventures with Jennifer!

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