When Marisa Clingen first met Hema the pit bull, the dog was covered in scars and bite marks.

“She was found as a stray but had many, many bite wounds,” said Alix Tolley, spokesperson for the Humane Rescue Alliance, where Hema stayed before she was adopted.

As soon as Marisa saw Hema she fell in love and knew she had to bring her home, but she suspected there might be challenges in bringing an abused dog into her family. Little did she know that Hema would turn into the best foster mom she could ever dream of for other needy animals.

Marisa volunteers to foster homeless kittens and was stunned when she saw how quickly Hema took to the furry felines.

“All she wants to do is lick and snuffle them,” she said. “Who would have thought a stray D.C. pit bull with scars on her face would be a good kitten mother?”

Marisa said Hema loves to kiss the kittens and sleep with them and wants to be near them at all times. She even lets them climb on her and isn’t bothered when they bite at her ears.

Having Hema there to show these kittens extra love and care helps socialize them and get them ready for their new homes. In some cases, it has even helped save their lives.

Marisa recalls one kitten in particular who benefitted from Hema’s motherly care. Muffin was so sick and weak that Marissa didn’t think he was going to make it, but she and Hema partnered up to give the frail kitten round-the-clock care.

“Hema would lick his pathetic, crusty face and they would snuggle in her bed,” Marisa recalled.

Thanks to their care, Muffin survived and is now thriving.

“It truly brings tears to my eyes,” Alix said about the way Hema cares for these needy kittens. “The fact that she can still be so loving to those kittens shows the resilience of these animals.”

It’s been three years and Hema has already helped foster more than 20 kittens. We just can’t get enough of this sweet dog and her endless love for these creatures in need!

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