A mother’s love truly knows no bounds. Mothers will do anything for their children, whether it is give up sleep or give up their own lives, like one mother so selflessly did during the Orlando shooting.

Some photos of a mother and son that have been making the rounds lately show that, even in her old age, a mother will do whatever she can to care for her children in need.

The photos show a 101-year-old woman caring for her disabled son, who is 63. While their identities are unknown, the love this mother has for her son is clearly displayed.

“She is 101 years old and still takes care of her disabled son who’s 63. A mother’s love is just priceless,” the caption reads.

The image has touched the hearts of thousands who understand the sacrifices a mother is willing to make for her children.

“A mother’s unconditional love for her child is countless, priceless, and forever ’til their last breath,” one Facebook user wrote. “God has good intentions for you both.”

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