Jaquie Goncher was just 17 years old when a swimming accident left her paralyzed from the neck down. Being confined to a wheelchair was frustrating for the young athlete, and though doctors told her she would probably never walk again, she was determined to prove them wrong.

A few years later Jaquie met the man of her dreams and he asked her to marry him. Now, at age 25, she was more determined than ever to regain the use of her legs so she could walk down the aisle to her groom.

Only a few of the people closest to her knew what she was planning.

On the day of her wedding Jaquie’s mother and grandfather wheeled the stunning bride to the back of the church, and then she did something that left the entire place speechless and her groom in tears.

Jaquie stood up.

And then she made her way down the aisle on her own two feet, into the arms of her beloved.

The inspiring bride stayed standing for the entire 45 minute ceremony, using her husband for support when she got tired. Then, in an even greater display of strength and endurance, Jaquie shared her first dance with her husband.

The emotional moment was caught on camera and Jaquie’s mom commissioned a painting of the special moment that the family will be able to treasure forever.

Click below to see the incredible moment for yourself. (You might want to grab a few tissues first!)


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