Cursive handwriting could be making a comeback…Well, in Ohio at least.

Students there might soon begin learning cursive handwriting as part of their curriculum. The Ohio House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill last week requiring the State Department of Education to create a cursive handwriting program by year’s end.

Remember learning cursive writing? 🙂 Remember learning writing at all……..:/

Posted by Vintage Treasures & Cherished Memories on Sunday, July 10, 2016

House Bill 58 was co-sponsored by state reps Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) and Marilyn Slaby (R-Copley). Studies have shown that students proficient in cursive have improved literacy skills, fine motor skills, and increased cognitive development…

These courses would target students in kindergarten through fifth grade. One caveat of the bill doesn’t require individual schools to use the curriculum. It would make the teaching material available at every school in Ohio. These schools would include community schools, STEM schools, and college preparatory schools.

“Cursive writing is so much more than just learning how to sign your name to a check,” Rep. Brenner said. “For example, studies have shown that learning how to write in cursive helps the student learn how to spell and read, especially children with dyslexia. I’m honored that my colleagues agree that  cursive is an important and invaluable skill on multiple levels and should be made available to Ohio’s students.”

Did you learn to write cursive in school? Do you still write this way?