No one is born perfect, and animals are no exception to this rule. For an animal with special needs, it’s easy to focus on the problem more than the solution. Thankfully for one adorable and spunky puppy, a caring person stepped in at just the right moment to convince a breeder who was having her euthanized to let them give her a chance at life.

Cascade is a purebred Siberian Husky that was either born with a deformed back or suffered an injury when she was young. She was brought in by the breeder to be euthanized due to her condition, but instead, the breeder agreed to let her be turned into K9 Rescue and Rehoming in the hopes that they would find her a forever home.

She is now living in a foster home awaiting that special person who will care for her and her unique needs. Cascade has a limp and suffers from incontinence, meaning that she will eliminate wastes at any time because she has no muscle control to wait. Her foster home said to plan on six to seven diaper changes a day for the remainder of her life. This is an expense and would be a lot of work, but isn’t it worth it for this sweet pup?

Her foster home humans make diaper time fun by dressing Cascade in cute outfits. When she is outside she doesn’t need a diaper just as long as it’s okay for her to eliminate anywhere.

Aside from her special needs, Cascade is true to her breed as far as personality goes. She is described as “a bundle of energy and always on the go.”

Cascade will make a wonderful companion once the right person who will be committed to her special needs is found.  If you’d like to learn more about Cascade, you can click on the K9 Rescue and Rehoming site, go to Petfinder, or email the rescue that is currently fostering her at:

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