When newlyweds Jule Stroyne and Andrew Nixon left their wedding venue, they were looking forward to starting their married life together. What they didn’t expect was to see a crowd of people outside frantically calling for someone who knew how to perform CPR.

When Jule, who works at a hospital in Pittsburgh, heard their cries and saw a woman passed out on a bench, there was no question in her mind that she needed to run to the woman’s aide. The only option that she had was to perform mouth-to-mouth on the woman in hopes that she would regain her consciousness.

Jule said she didn’t even think about ruining her wedding dress in the midst of it all – saving the woman’s life was all she cared about. 

“I kind of forgot about the day’s activities and focused on saving this woman’s life,” she said. “While it was happening, I wasn’t thinking much about my dress getting ripped or how funny it must have looked to see a bride run into action in her wedding dress.”

Much to her relief, minutes after Jule started performing CPR she felt the woman’s pulse come back.

Jule didn’t learn much about the girl, but believes she was coming from a Kesha concert nearby when she fell unconscious and ended up on the bench.

And what does Jule’s new husband think about his bride’s heroic act?

“I’ve known her since she was 15,” he said, “and seeing what she did Saturday night didn’t surprise me at all. I’m very proud to call her my wife.”

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