We are no strangers to drunk driving. I am sure we have all heard numerous stories about it on the news, seen it a few movies, and some people, unfortunately, may have even experienced the hazards of it for themselves.

One would only hope that after so many drunk-driving incidents, people would be more conscious and considerate with how they operate while under the influence. It is sad to say that not everyone has grasped this level of understanding yet, and another family is left picking up the pieces of their broken lives as a result.

A San Diego paramedic went to social media to share a few details about an accident he was called to that ultimately left him hurt and traumatized.

According to a story posted by RelayHero, when he arrived on the scene, the first thing to catch his attention was a woman sitting on the side of the road. She wasn’t sitting down observing the chaos going on around her. This devoted and heartbroken woman sat on the ground drenched in blood, unconcerned with the horror of it all, as she held the body of her decapitated baby boy in her arms and tried over and over to attach his head back onto his body.

As he watched that, a man rushed over to him carrying his seven-year-old daughter and handed her over to the paramedic. After several attempts to revive the little girl, they were not successful, and she passed away.

The drunk driver crashed right into them after he ran the red light of an intersection going 60 mph.

The family’s daughter was thrown out of the car as a result of the collision and the drunk driver’s bumper sliced the neck of the baby boy who sat in the backseat. The drunk driver and the parents were the only survivors.

There are no words comforting enough to take away the pain that this family must be feeling. It is a truly heartbreaking situation. It is a tragedy and one that could have been prevented.

My prayers are that this family is able to get the healing they deserve and that more people will consider the destruction that comes from such poor decision making. Not getting behind the wheel while drunk is a choice, and it is the better choice.

My condolences to the family going through this terrible loss. May their hearts be touched and filled by the peace that surpasses all understanding — Jesus.

The paramedic’s original post is below.