Starting a family with the love of your life is a really special time. This couple, who had been high school sweethearts, had four children and thought their family was complete. That is until things took a complete turn…

Trevion and Joani Clemons had a happy little family with four girls; and while Trevion may have felt outnumbered by all the females in the house, the couple couldn’t have been happier.

After having their girls, though, Joani was diagnosed with a condition that could potentially harm any future pregnancies. They thought they were done having children.

But, seven years later, the Clemons were surprised with some crazy news. Joani was pregnant!

What they didn’t know at the time was that Joani wasn’t expecting just one baby, or even two. She was pregnant with triplets!

While the family was excited to have three babies on the way – all boys! – Joani’s health was at stake when it came time to give birth.

The babies were born extremely prematurely, not even weighing three pounds each. They were so tiny that they had to be kept in the ICU for quite a long time.

The Clemons prayed for a miracle, and thankfully their prayers were answered! Click below to see these miracle babies today:

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