Lindzie Wilson, a beautiful 25-year old mother of two boys in Springfield was engaged to be married. She was pregnant and expecting her third child in a little over a month. That’s when she was shockingly gunned down in the front yard of her home on March 1st.

One of the bullets narrowly avoided her unborn child. Another shot in the head fatally wounded the expectant mother.

Linzie was days away from her 26th birthday.

Lindzie fought to stay alive, remaining on life support for over a month, long enough for doctors to deliver her baby boy, Bailee, at 24 weeks.

It was called a miracle that her baby survived, but sadly, his mother would not recover. She was taken off life support and passed away. Her killer has not been found.

Now Lindzie’s mom is grateful for the “blessing” of her third grandchild and mourning the senseless and tragic loss of her daughter, which she says caused her “indescribable pain.”

“ [Lindzie] fought hard for Bailee. She held on for him. She held on as long as she possibly could,” said LeighAnne Roberts.

Roberts said she was the first person to know Lindzie was pregnant with her third child. The name, Bailee was what his mother would have wanted.

Bailee remains in the neonatal intensive care, doing well, and will be taken out of the incubator on August 15th, which would have been Lindzie’s due date.

“He’s definitely a blessing,” said Roberts. “I’m sure [Lindzie’s] up there watching this and is happy about how things went.”

Brendan, 8, and Bentley, 5 are being cared for by their father.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for medical bills for the family.

Lindzie’s best friend described her as a kind person, and is seeking justice in her killing:

“Lindzie was a beautiful kind-hearted person,” said Jana Yates, who was best friends with Wilson for more than 20 years. “She would help anybody if she could. She did not deserve this and to the coward that did do this their day will come justice will be served one way or another.”

The shocking murder is the second involving a pregnant woman in Springfield in two months.

From Springfield News-Sun:

“Wilson is the second pregnant woman in Springfield to be shot in the head in the last two months. Lindsey Marsh was killed on April 5, and the father of her child, Travis Hypes, is charged with murder in Clark County Common Pleas Court.”

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