Four years ago Colene Malaney was sitting in the Denver airport with her baby eating lunch while they waited for their flight. She and her family were moving down to San Diego and the tired young mom was trying to get a quick meal in while she could.

As she and her husband were sitting there, a lady handed her a note. Surprised, Colene read it, and what she saw brought tears to her eyes.

“I wanted to offer to hold your sweet baby while you both ate lunch,” the note read, “but my husband said I’d look like a stalker. šŸ™‚ So, I’m buying your lunch instead. Enjoy that sweet baby – we have teenagers and know what’s ahead for you, so snuggle your wee one while you can.”

The sweet note was such a blessing to the exhausted new mother, so much so that her husband chased the woman and her husband down and invited them to sit and talk with them for a while.

Afterward, each couple went to catch their flights and thought that would be the end of it.

Recently, though, as things on the Internet tend to do, the note began circulating around Facebook again. Amazingly, both Colene and the woman who wrote the note, Julie Dampier Cook, happened to see the picture and were able to reconnect!

“I love how much this is still being passed around,” Colene wrote. She saidĀ that Julie’sĀ note is now hanging on the wall of their living room in a little gold frameĀ “to remind us of such beautiful kindness in this world, to remind us to be kind ourselves and most importantly to remind us to enjoy every waking moment with our two little boys, whether it be trying, goofy, fun or exhausting.”

“This wasn’t just an act of kindness that lasted a day,” she continued. “It has had ripple effects that has reached our souls that day and every day after… I’m so glad this has touched SO many people as it has touched us. Let’s spread the love.”

Julie wrote back, reminiscing about the chance encounter atĀ the airport.Ā “Feels serendipitous,” she said, “and this all makes me so happy happy happy.”

It’s amazing what one little act of kindness can do and who it can affect, even years later!

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