Moms work hard. They do everything for us, from giving us life to feeding us to cleaning us and raising us. Most of the time we take what they do for granted.

This past Mother’s Day, one dad wanted his wife, and the mother of his child, to know that he really did appreciate her and how much he and their son really loved her.

Without his wife, Kayla, knowing, musician Mike Tompkins started filming his son, Dash, playing different “instruments” around the house. Then he sent his wife out for a fun girls’ night with some friends.

Kayla thought she was just going to dinner and a movie, but little did she know that the movie she would be seeing was actually a special tribute to her from her little family.

Mike set up some hidden cameras around the theater to capture Kayla’s reaction, and what he caught is priceless! Click on the video below to see Mike’s special tribute to the special mom in his life. If you’re a mom or you know a mom, you’re going to love this!

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