Raising children has its challenging moments. The toddler years can be particularly tough on parents. They are dealing with temper tantrums, children who test their patience, and potty training. Having some extra tolerance and fortitude – along with a change of clothing – can help ease the tension.

Of course, that won’t prevent accidents. Mishaps do happen, and in public too, no matter how prepared a parent might be. Some children take to potty training quite well, while others take longer and need more care; and youngsters with special needs require even more time and attention given to this particular growing pain.

Adrian Wood and her young son, Amos, headed out to attend the little boy’s potty training camp. Amos has autism and other factors, so it’s taken a little extra work to teach him this difficult skill.

Mother and son had some time to kill, so Adrian decided they would stop and get a sandwich.

Adrian left Amos sitting in a chair, his “blankie” in hand, while she placed their orders. Amos, being a curious fellow, wandered off. Then, while Adrian was at the counter, the cashier asked her if she had spilled a drink on the floor.

Adrian’s stomach fell to her toes; she hadn’t spilled anything – Amos had wet himself. Close to tears, Adrian didn’t hide or deny what had happened. She later wrote on Facebook: “It took me a few seconds and as my eyes darted to Amos’s drenched bottom, I had no way out other than to disclose the truth.”

To Adrian’s surprise, the cashier didn’t respond with anger or disgust. The woman behind the counter just smiled in a conspiratorial way. She related to Adrian’s plight, telling the fretting mother “that she had a 2-year-old, and that [Amos] would get it, it may just take a little extra time.”

The cashier’s compassion and kindness provided Adrian relief she didn’t even know she needed. Despite Adrian’s insistence on cleaning up her son’s mess, the woman wouldn’t allow it. She went a step further and spoke to Amos, showing him kindness and compassion as well.

Adrian wrote about this wonderful gift the woman gave her and her son: “it was such a gift, that gesture,” she said. “It was more than the mere acceptance of a puddle of urine in a sandwich shop. There was no judgment behind the observation, no raised eyebrow, no silent stare, only kindness.”

What a kind and caring woman. With some compassion, thoughtful gestures, and simple understanding, one woman made another’s day a little better. Let’s all spread some kindness and make the lives of those around us easier!

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