When Patch’s owners couldn’t take care of him, Richard and Nola Davis decided to take him in. They surprised their children, Andrew and Clara, with the pup by hiding him in their car. The kids were so excited to finally have their own dog!

Patch fit right in with the family and loved playing with them and being their dog. In fact, he loved everything about his new home, except for one thing – the bathroom. Patch hated baths and avoided the bathroom at all costs!

Unfortunately, while the family loved their new dog, Patch was getting much bigger than they thought he would and he was starting to get too big for their home. Richard and Nola decided they would need to find Patch a new home, but when they brought the subject up with their kids, Andrew protested so strongly that they decided to think the matter over a little longer.

Little did they know that fateful decision would end up saving Nola’s life.

That night Nola decided to take a bath to relax, but as she was lying in the tub Patch burst through the door. She thought it was strange since he usually tried to avoid the bathroom as much as possible, and now she couldn’t get him to leave.

Suddenly Patch began to bite her wrist as if he was trying to drag her out of the bathtub. Nola got out of the tub and opened the bathroom door, and as soon as she did so flames began to engulf the bathroom. The entire house was on fire!

Patch grabbed Nola and guided her through the flames until she was safely outside with the rest of her anxiously waiting family.

When Nola tried to go back into the house to get some things, Patch blocked her way and wouldn’t let her back inside. Just moments later the house exploded.

Nola realized that Patch had saved her life – not just once, but two times! After that she knew there was no way they could let the dog go!

The Red Cross ended up giving Patch an award for his bravery, and the courageous dog moved into a new, more spacious home with his family where he could continue to watch over them for the rest of his days.


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