Doctors and nurses see all kinds of crazy things in their line of work, especially if they work in the emergency room. People come in after doing all sorts of crazy and stupid things, and the medical professionals get to deal with the aftermath.

The plus side is they get some really good stories out of it, and I’m sure whichever doctor saw this kid is going to be telling his story for years to come!

While the young boy looked perfectly healthy at first, once he took a breath it became immediately apparent that something wasn’t right.

Click below to see what happened:


It turns out that while the boy was playing with the tiny squeaker from one of his dog’s toys he accidentally inhaled it. It’s hard to imagine how that could actually happen, but listening to the kid squeak as he breathes in and out and starts coughing leaves no mistaking what he did.

I’m sure his mom was panicking as she drove him to the hospital, but once she was assured that he was going to be all right she was able to find the humor in the situation.

Somehow I don’t think it will just be the doctors telling this story over the dinner table…

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