Over 18 years ago, Heather Garrity refused to abort her identical twin sons, Dominic and Ethan; she was 22-weeks pregnant, and she had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, (TTTS). This is something which only occurs in identical twins.

TTTS happens when the babies share a placenta; blood flow to the babies can become unequal. Mothers with TTTS can have an early delivery, and the babies can suffer neurological damage.

Heather must be given credit for how well her sons are doing now. They both have 5.0-grade point averages and have numerous prestigious universities vying for their attendance.

Since their births, there have been several advancements in treating TTTS. According to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado: “Time is critical when it comes to treating TTTS. The earlier this condition is caught, the more easily it can be treated. Many treatment options can be started within hours or days of diagnosis. There are a variety of treatment options for TTTS, including medication therapy, needle drainage of amniotic fluid, and laser treatment of the connecting blood vessels.”

Ethan and Dominic’s family and their local community are grateful to Heather for not aborting her children. the twins too are obviously thankful to their mother. “A lot of it is luck…hard work has paid off, and we’re grateful for the opportunities,” said Ethan.

“I’m currently debating between Harvard, one of the academies I was accepted to, the Naval academy, West Point, the Air Force Academy, Berkeley, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins University,” Dominic told CBS Sacramento.

Not to be outdone, Ethan has a long roster of potential colleges to choose from. “I applied to 24, got into 15. My top 5 were Air Force Academy, Harvard, Dartmouth, Berkeley, and  UCLA,” said Ethan.

What a remarkable and brave woman Heather is for defying her doctors. If she would’ve listened to them, she wouldn’t have these incredibly bright and amazing sons to hold dear.