It seems like a great cosmic joke that when we were younger and didn’t want to take naps we were forced to, and now that we’re adults and want to take naps we never have time! I have so many memories of sneaking out of bed and trying to come up with any excuse to stay up that I could. Now I would give anything for a little extra shut eye! Life’s just not fair!

Despite the fact that most kids don’t want to go to sleep, though, all of the babies I have come across have no problem sleeping the day away. The little one in this video must be ahead of his time!

This 6-day-old baby was being held by his aunt and appeared to be sleeping peacefully in her arms. But then she noticed that he seemed to be sneaking a peek at her through one of his squinted eyes.

When she asked him, “Are you awake?” the adorable infant burst into a fit of giggles, caught in his own little joke!

I’ve never seen a baby this young laugh and play like this little one did! It looks like mom and dad have a little practical joker on their hands!

We’re so glad they caught this adorable moment on camera – there’s nothing better than a baby’s laughter to brighten up your day!

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