Baby Lucy’s dramatic entrance into the world isn’t one either of her parents will soon forget, but just in case they do the whole thing was caught on camera – a security camera, that it!

Tom and Jessica Stubbins had gone to the hospital earlier in the day when Jessica started having contractions. When they got there, though, they were told that she wasn’t far enough along and that she should come back later.

They went home and Jessica decided to take a bath, and that’s when little Lucy decided she was ready to come.

Quickly the couple got back in the car and headed to the hospital. As they drove up Jessica told Tom to let her off at the entrance and then go park the car because she knew the baby was ready to come any minute.

Jessica got out of the car and started to head into the lobby. Security footage shows her stopping to lean over a desk in obvious pain, and then all of a sudden she reaches down and, lo and behold, out comes baby Lucy!

The whole thing happened in less than a minute, and even though Tom parked close by he managed to miss the entire birth. As he walked through the doors he heard Jessica say, “It’s a girl! It’s a girl!” and then, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” because she felt so bad he had missed it.

A nurse, Gemma Hoeft, had been leaving the hospital to take her break when she heard Jessica’s screams. She rushed over just in time to see Jessica holding Lucy and took off her own hoodie to wrap the baby in.

In the blink of an eye a new life was brought into this world, and it is incredible to watch! The footage is not graphic. Click below to see it for yourself!


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