As any parent of a toddler can tell you, kids will start crying over the drop of a hat. In fact, there are entire Facebook pages dedicated to pictures and videos of toddlers throwing tantrums over silly things, like not wanting their shoes to be tied or wanting to pour their own milk into their cereal.

But we have to say, this little melt-down might be one of the cutest things we have ever seen!

Emily Bannard walked into the room to find her two-year-old daughter, Ella Grace, in tears. When Emily asked why she was crying, though, she couldn’t believe her daughter’s answer.

Little Ella was so overcome by Jesus’ love for her that she couldn’t hold back her emotions.

Emily said her daughter has always had a sweet heart and a love for Jesus and others.

“She started praying when she was just one,” Emily recalled, “she saw a little boy at the park who was crying and she wanted to pray for him. She still continues to pray for him to this day, it’s adorable.”

“She finds crosses in anything and everything and loves to sing songs about [Jesus],” Emily added.

We just love little Ella’s sweet spirit!

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