Driving a vehicle with two youngsters in the backseat isn’t always easy. Kids can’t sit still for as long as parents would wish. They’re like little energizer bunnies, rambunctious and full of vinegar. Michelle Fortin, an Arizona mom, is like all parents; she often experiences unavoidable moments of frustration with her children She always has the best interests of her kids at heart and in mind, but she doesn’t always know if what she’s doing is the right thing or not.

On this particular day, Michelle was driving along with her two children when through the rearview mirror, she noticed something that made her immediately pull over to the side of the road.

Michelle explained when she realized something was wrong. “All I heard was her screaming and crying, and all of a sudden her brother, who was sitting next to her, yells, ‘Mommy! Mommy, she unbuckled her seatbelt!'”

The exasperated mother tried to get the point across to 3-year-old Camille the importance of wearing a seatbelt. The child wasn’t listening. So the desperate mother took drastic action. Michelle explained to Good Morning America: “She needs to know what’s right and what’s wrong and it’s my job to tell her that and to teach her and to raise her to respect authority.”

What she did next captured the attention of the media and internet. When the threesome arrived home, Michelle called the Scottsdale Police department on her daughter. Some might consider this unnecessary; she told ABC 7:

“I guess it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police, but…I knew that was gonna drive the point home better than just hearing it from mom.”

It didn’t take police officers long to reach the Fortin’s home. The two officers were more than willing and ready to teach the little girl a valuable lesson. See how it unfolded in the video below.