Sweet little Leah Carroll has been inspiring people all over the world with her joy in the midst of hardship. The now-3-year-old has been battling severe congenital Neutropenia, a rare blood disorder that prevents the production of white blood cells, since she was 6 months old.

Leah has gone through multiple bone marrow transplants and has had to spend almost a year of her short life in the hospital due to complications, but she has never let that get her down.

An inspiring video of the tot singing “Overcomer” by Christian artist Mandisa went viral a little while ago – thousands of people around the world were stunned by her strength, determination, and positivity.

“She has the joy of the Lord and a love for music,” her mom, Lindsay, wrote, adding that Leah is “such a light to all she meets.”

While we loved that first video, though, this one has really hit us in all the feels.

Lindsay was recording Leah as she asked her a bunch of questions, like, “What’s your favorite color,” and “What do you want to be when you grow up.”

Leah gamely answered her mom’s questions, but when Lindsay asked her what love is, Leah’s answer left her speechless…

Leah’s answer was so simple – “God” – but so profound and so beautiful. If only more of us could have the faith, hope, and joy of this precious young girl.

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