Many people can identify with the feeling of holding a door open for someone at the supermarket, just to find the line suddenly becomes endless of people coming out.  You just keep smiling and responding, “You are very welcome” to all the thank yous. Now imagine this line is not people but geese. That’s exactly what this driver encountered. He stopped to let some geese cross the road, but the line of geese seemed to keep extending from the left into the horizon.

“Oh! Revenge of the birds. Look at em!” A man in the vehicle exclaims as the front of the flock starts crossing the road in front of his stopped vehicle. “Oh my, the line goes all the way back”. Another in the vehicle adds “This is our holiday delay. Fourth of July”.

The parade of geese continue to cross the road from the left to the right, and then gracefully enter a body of water and float off, continuing on their journey.

Some of the geese appear banded for identification purposes, the men in the vehicle inform. “We got one here with something on his neck. Oh, a few of them”.

Finally, a break in the line appears, so the driver moves ahead and drives off. As they drive away, you can see that the line continues on with geese preparing to cross the road and join their huge flock in the water. It was only a temporary break in the line that allowed the vehicle to continue on.

Admiring again the large flock, one says “What’s up guys?” and then “Look at all of them. That’s crazy!”

Crazy or not, it sure if fun to see all of these beautiful birds safely cross the road en route to their destination. A destination, that most likely does not end in this waterway.

Goose Army Stop Traffic To Cross Road

Nature's traffic stop ??ViralHog

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, July 10, 2017