While air travel used to be something full of glamor and excitement, all the regulations and restrictions that have been placed on travelers in recent years have taken most of the joy out of flying.

But what is one thing that could take away the stress of hefty baggage fees and TSA searches and make the weary traveler forget his troubles and cares? Puppies!!

Virgin Australia announced today they will be introducing “the world’s first team of canine in-flight crew members.”

“Service and innovation are at the heart of everything we do,” they said in their announcement.

The dogs will greet travelers as they board the planes, provide comfort and companionship during long flights, and even wait in the bathroom line for those who don’t want to leave their seats.

“This is the best. I can’t wait to meet these cuties,” said Twitter user Lisa Renee.

“This is a plane ride I want to take!” commented Deeana McLemore.

Already thousands have expressed interest in traveling on Virgin Australia just so they can meet these canine crew members.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this big announcement was actually an elaborate April Fools’ prank. But we think this is an idea more airlines should take seriously!

“It may have started as a joke,” said one commenter, “but reckon you would increase customers MASSIVELY with some on-board canine crew!”

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