Betty Carroll is the local mail carrier for her town, where she visits at least 1,000 homes on her daily route. Betty doesn’t know everyone that she delivers to, but she does know when something is unusual, and trusting her gut just may have saved someone’s life.

When Carroll was out doing her normal route,  something very unusual was brought to her attention. It was one particular house that she noticed seemed a little odd. She knew of an elderly woman who lived there alone. Her grass looked very overgrown, her car as parked in the driveway with the windows down, and her old mail from days ago was still sitting in the mailbox.

This is when Betty knew there had to be something wrong, because this woman was always sure to get her mail every day!

Betty didn’t hesitate, she decided to trust her instinct and knock on the door. She heard the TV with the volume up very loud, along with a faint moaning sound in the background. Carroll called out and when she heard a reply, she decided to call the police.

Police had arrived not much later, and discovered the woman, Mrs. Lockaby who had fallen on the floor and couldn’t get up. She had been laying there for days. Luckily, they were able to get her to the hospital where she was cared for.

Thanks to Betty Carroll, the woman may not have ever been discovered and may not still be here today.

Trust your instincts!

H/T Thoughtful Women