When we’re sitting at home safe and warm in our beds, stomachs full of nutritious food, it’s easy to forget that not everyone in the world has the same comforts. Many are living without even their basic needs being met.

Almost 800 million people worldwide are undernourished, including 42 million in the United States. In fact, 22,000 people die every single day from hunger. That’s one every four seconds!

And while we might be tempted to think the problem is a food shortage, that is not the case. The world produces 17% more food per capita than it needs, but poverty, poor distribution, conflict, and other obstacles prevent the food from getting to the people who truly need it.

While the challenges are great, it is possible for everyone in the world to have the food they need each day, and Feed A Billion is working to make sure that happens.

They believe that everyone is worthy of love and a nourishing meal, so they have set a goal to serve a billion meals by November 20, 2020, as well as develop a system that will feed tens of millions of people around the world on a consistent basis.

Magician Adam Wilber has teamed up with Feed A Billion to help them end world hunger. It only takes 10 cents to provide a meal to someone in need. That means with just $1 you can feed 10 people!

No one should ever go to bed hungry. No student should ever go to school hungry. No man, woman, or child should ever die of malnutrition.

This is a problem we can fix. It just takes people willing to put in the work and make it happen, and Feed A Billion is doing just that.

Do your part to help end world hunger. You can donate on Adam’s GoFundMe page (where you will be entered to win cool prizes) or on the Feed A Billion page directly and help change the world forever!

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