Deployments are hard for everyone involved. While they are obviously hard for the soldiers who are gone, they are equally as hard – though in a different way – for the loved ones they leave behind.

We love seeing videos of soldiers who surprise their family and friends, and this one is no exception!

Four-year-old Alyssa’s dad, Lt. Scott Brown, is a Marine who had been deployed in Afghanistan. She obviously missed her father a lot and couldn’t wait for him to come home.

Alyssa’s mom took her on a trip to Disneyland, but even though she was having fun, it just wasn’t the same without her dad.

Little did Alyssa know that her mom, with the help of some Disney magic, had a huge surprise up her sleeve!

Alyssa got to spend some time with Snow White, and the princess took her over to her famous wishing well. She told Alyssa to close her eyes and make a wish, and of course the little girl wished for her dad to come home.

When she opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she saw…

At first little Alyssa couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but as soon as she realized it was really her dad she ran to him and wouldn’t let him go, telling him, “I missed you, Daddy.”

What a sweet and special surprise this little girl is sure not to forget any time soon!

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