There is just something about cute, tiny animals that makes them practically irresistible. We want to hold them and squeeze them and soak in their adorable kisses and snuggles.

This little boy was super excited when his mom took him to the pet store, but as soon as they placed this tiny Chihuahua in his arms he was overcome with happiness.

At first his mom was concerned because he couldn’t stop crying, but when she asked him what was wrong his response melted her heart.


“She’s just so cute!” the boy said. “She’s just beautiful!”

The dog was obviously just as enamored with the little boy as he was with her, comforting him by giving him kisses and licking his tears away.

It looks like this mom might have to take the plunge and bring this little puppy home! I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to tear these two apart!

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